Monday, February 21, 2011

This Week I Love...

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Happy Monday!

Wanted to let you all know that my "About Me" page is finally up and running if you're interested in learning a little bit more about me...

I'm not usually very good with Mondays because I know they're the start of another long week. So, I decided to stick to something semi-comfortable...

This week I love:

My Torn By Ronny Kobo T-shirt! I absolutely LOVE his t-shirts. They're extremely comfortable and the images are incredible. The line is available on Shopbop and they're now on sale (50% off)!!

Going to pair this tee with:

My Type Z Riding Pant Leggings, my GAP side pocket satchel and my ASOS Avanti Wedge Boots!

What do you think? What is your typical Monday outfit?



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  1. I don't really like Mondays, it's the beginning of a long week and my over things-to-do it not getting shorter. I really should be doing something but it was so nice to not do anything this weekend. So comfy clothes is a perfect Monday outfit ;)

  2. Just a perfect outfit for the beginning of the week!!!

  3. those are really cute boots, the whole outfit is great i must say! Monday is almost over here in the Philippines. I wore a comfy jeans and a really nice feminine dress shirt today. have a lovely Monday..

  4. Ooh, I LOVE the Type Z Riding Pant Leggings - too cute!

    My typical Monday outfit is skinny jeans, boots, a cami, and a cream colored bomber jacket or cardigan.

    Off to check out your About Me section right now!! :)

  5. Love those wedges!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Oh mondays...

    I get lazy on mondays, I won't lie.

  7. I SO covet those fabulous leggings!

  8. mondays are really tough for me-- i feel less inspired when it comes to my clothing. maybe, though, mondays wouldn't feel so bad if i felt better about what i wore?!

  9. Cute t-shirt! I love a comfy, oversized shirt with some leggings or skinny jeans with my giant boots to protect me from the snow. I haven't gotten to wear any fun shoes in so long - unless I bring them along, and switch out of my boots. I hate winter!!! and I hate Western NY. Anyways.. happy monday!!

  10. The knee patches on your riding them pants make look cooler and HOTTER!



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  11. Thanks for your comment!!! Today I added new post - I invite you to see it :)

  12. you srsly have the best taste in shoes i'm jeeeealous

  13. Here the week starts on Sunday so Monday are like Tuesday. :-)

    Love the t-shirt! Been looking for something like that for a long time.

  14. The wedges are cute!

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