Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring Eyewear.

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Spring is in the air (kinda!) and with that comes the sun... I have always been a huge fan of sunglasses. I seem to have collected a variety of different pairs throughout the years. So, by special request from my best friend, here is a post dedicated to one of my favorite accessories: sunglasses.

The trend in sunglasses for spring are plastic, colored frames. I'm loving this because they add color to any outfit. A few of my favorites:

House of Harlow 1960 - Nicole $125

Karen Walker - Rover $180

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Oversized $98

Mosley Tribes - Hayes Aviator $210

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony - Flared Daring $365

Not into the colored, flashy frames? Stick to the classics. Some gorgeous spring sunglasses:

Oliver Peoples - Daddy B $325

Tory Burch - Logo Aviator $149

Phillip Lim - Dwayne $225

Carrera - Andy $98

Or you could always go for my all-time favorite, Ray-bans:

NEW RELEASE Ray-bans - RB147 $129

NEW RELEASE Ray-bans - RB8307  $189

Original Wayfarer - RB2140 $145

Classic Aviator - RB3044 $99

And finally, for some more affordable ways to either wear the trends or stick to the classics:

Aldo - $12

Forever21 - $5.80

Forever21 - $5.80

Charlotte Russe - $5.00

Some fun facts:

  • Sunglasses were first used in China as tinting for judges in court to conceal their eyes
  • Ray-ban invited the anti-glare aviator in 1936
  • Sunglasses became fashionable in the 1960's in an ad campaign for Foster Grant, a comb and glass firm

What are your favorites? Do you love sunglasses as much as I do?



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  1. Love the sunglasses facts! I need a pair of colored frames this spring.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I think Ray-Bans are adorable; but I seriously cannot pull them off. I am all about huge, oversized sunnies - Oliver Peoples are my favorite!! :)

  3. My favorites: Oliver Peoples...
    and I love oversized sunglasses!!

  4. the bigger and more colorful the better! I usually like to have a classic design in solid white too.

  5. House of Harlow makes some amazing sunglasses. They look so vintage.

  6. ray bans are my all-time favorite too! i also love the oliver peoples ones though!!! :)

  7. Amazing Post! So lucky to have a best friend like you to keep me educated and well dressed!

    You know I'm a dedicated Ray-Ban fan.... however, the Carrera 'Andy' sounds like they are just meant to be!

    Love lots,

  8. Oh, I am so looking forward to bringing out my sunnies again! and yes I agree, I need a pair of colored plastic sunnies for this summer.

  9. Wayfarers will forever be my favorite!

  10. Love plastic frames because they are less delicate! And I am a fan of can never go wrong.
    xo Cara

  11. Is that why most glasses are made in china? I love them all but my favorite is oversized glasses by Marc Jacob

  12. nice collection... check out retro super future too...they have a fab lusting over them right now

    follow if u like what u see?


  13. I cant help but be a teensy bit jealous when I read posts like this... I wear glasses which means I'm limited to my prescription sunglasses (to be fair the styles available these days are great but the variety is never gonna be what I'd like) or I can wear contacts with regular sunglasses, always kinda irritating! :)

    I think the Tory Burch - Logo Aviator glasses are amazing. Simple, elegant yet still absolutely lovely ♥

  14. This is such a nice array of sunglasses! I love Ray Bans!


  15. thanks so much for stopping by my blog
    i do like sunglasses and wish i owned more
    i did just get a pair of white ones that i can't wait to wear

  16. Oh, these are all so FABULOUS!! I cannot wait to go sunglasses shopping when I get a little more money. :) I actually just took my boyfriend to Nordstrom last week and convinced him to buy a pair of spectacular Ray-Bans! It was his first time spending more than $100 on a fashion item. LOL! Wait, am I a bad influence? ;)

  17. Love your choices! I can't wait for spring since the sun has been pretty much non-existant in the past couple of days in Montreal. Great blog:)


  18. Loving the House of Harlow ones - go for it!

  19. Love all the sunglasses...especially the Karen Walker's and the Chloe's! It's definitely time for me to score a new pair of sunglasses!

  20. Fantastic post! Nothing completes an outfit better than a pair of super cool sunglasses!

  21. I'd love some of the round Karen Walker sunglasses but in the tortoiseshell.. xxx

  22. Nice selection! I love sunglasses.

  23. LOVE the Karen Walkers...Ohh, if only!
    I can't leave the house without sunglasses. And if I do I'll make everyone's day HELL!
    Hahaha, Love the fun little facts aswell!
    You really DO learn something new everyday!!

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