Monday, February 14, 2011

Feeling Flared.

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Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Thought I'd be different and not dedicate a post to the holiday.

Wanted to start off the week with a spring trend that I'm absolutely loving... Flared and wide-legged jeans! 

The reason I'm loving this trend is because I find this jean style extremely easy to wear as you can pair them with absolutely anything from crop tops to knitted sweaters, and from high heels to booties.

Some flared and wide-legged jeans that are on my fashion radar:

Current/Elliott High Rise Bell Jeans $189
Free People Supper Skinny Flare Jeans $78
J Brand Better Wide Leg Trouser Jeans $218
Paige Denim Bentley Wide Leg Jeans $110.60 (on sale!)
True Religion Morgan Wide Leg Flare Jeans $209
Textile Elizabeth and James Diana Flare Jeans $195

ASOS Vero Moda 70's Flare Jeans $86.06

ASOS Rio Blue High Waist Jeans $62.76
Forever21 Divine Rights of Denim Jeans $24.80
Forever21 Stretch and Flare Jeans $24.80

GAP Vintage Flare Jeans $69.50

My turn! Here are the flared, wide-legged jeans currently in my closet:

Rock and Republic Wide-Legged Jeans

I know it's hard to tell what they look like on the hanger, but I'm telling you they're an awesome fit!


Paige Denim Flared Jeans
These are a bit of a low-cut fit but they're super comfortable. I also like that they're more fitted on the thigh.

What do you all think of this trend? What would you pair your flared jeans with?



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  1. Those jeans look great! I wish I could wear something like that, but I'm quite short and have come to find that skinny jeans is the best for me =) Hope you're having a great day =)

  2. Love the trend!!! so easy, so comfy!!!

  3. I used to LIVE in flares when I was at art college, and back then I could never have imagined that skinnies would become so popular again in my life time! It seemed everyone was wearing flares.

  4. I grew up in the Seventies so all my pants looked like this back then. It's satisfying to see the style come back. The look is inherently flattering and gives an illusion of shapeliness to our bottom halves even if there isn't any there. Love 'em!

  5. Haha! I have the True Religion Morgan Wide Leg Flare Jeans on my Shopbop wish list right now - LOVE the color! I would pair them with sky-high cork-heeled wedges!! :)

  6. flare pants are in again.. but i actually confuse on how wearing them without make my legs look short..
    thank you for following me, im following you too...

  7. I am totally happy to get my flared jeans from my parents back home! Ooh I've been meaning to try Paige and it's nice to see them up close.

  8. I love those Free People ones!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. I do prefer wide leg trousers over wide leg jeans, though over all I do not love this trend. Hasppy Valentine's Day! xx

  10. ohhh me too!! i'm so excited that the trend is moving back to flared because you don't have to be peanut sized to fit into them.. i look like a sausage casing in skinnies hahahahaha.

    love your paige's!

  11. I like them for the same reasons. They hug the right places.

    Write it in Lipstick

  12. HaHa...we have the same tast :) I love these jeans and we have the same thing for leopard shoes :)
    Thanks for your comment!!!
    Love Barbar

  13. Before skinny jeans became popular I used to wear flared jeans. I think I'll start wearing them again :)

  14. Too bad I cannot wear jeans like this, makes me look 2 inches tall. They are really pretty though...

  15. i like you blog, i follow

  16. I am so dedicated to my skinnies but I recently got a pair of flare jeans from Madewell that I plan on incorporating into my wardrobe. Love your picks!

  17. Ahh flares are totally on my wishlist
    How perfect for summer!
    Great post

  18. I was wondering recently when will i be able to wear my flare jeans that are already in my closet ages ago. your right that its easy to pair with anything. i love your choices of flares.

  19. I am in love with wide leg trousers! I think they are flattering on almost any body type.

  20. gahh! i want flares so bad.
    thanks for visiting me & your lovely comment!

  21. i love this look!! im so ready to toss my skinnies to the side! i would wear it with a great silk blouse! LOVE!

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