Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shoe Art.

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Hello all!

So I'm sure it's already apparent but I have an OBSESSION with shoes. I could literally open up my very own shoe museum. There is just something special about the perfect shoe that ties an entire outfit all together! That's why I cannot wait for spring... so I can throw my boots aside already!

There are certain shoes that I buy for aesthetic reasons... they're just so delicate, different or colorful! I have to admit that they usually stay in my closet because I'm too afraid to ruin them... silly I know!

Here are some fabulous photos I found of "Shoe Art":

We all know these McQueen babies!

You also need to check out the Virtual Shoe Museum and the Bata Shoe Museum... they're fabulous. I've actually been to the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada and it's awesome!

What do you think of these? For the feet or for the museum? Do you have a favorite pair of shoes you refuse to wear outside and "ruin"?



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  1. The first are great, love them :)))

    ;** xoxo Poison

  2. omg i totally know what you mean... i'm currently obsessed with these mcqueen's

    i think if i had them i would just put them on a mantle to stare at.. or frame them in a window box or something hahaha.

  3. Lovely to see all those pictures!

  4. This reminds me of a post I did a few months back with shoes that are intended either as art or comedy. You might enjoy them.

  5. I'd say they are more suited for the museum - the designs just don't translate into everyday society. That's not to say that they aren't gorgeous though; the McQueen's...swoon!! :)

  6. Très belles chaussures!!! Surtout McQueen!!! Biz
    Angela Donava

  7. ooh, my goodness so many beautiful shoes, this is definitely shoe art! Love the McQueens. xx veronika

    PS thanks for your bloggy visit + sweet comment!

  8. I love these shoes :)

    :) :)

    I have a friend who loves such a things :) I have to show your blog to her!

  9. yes, a pair of pink leather platform diors which are as impractical as they are beautiful. thanks for visiting my blog.


  10. This is so cool!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. I don't know if I'd wear them, but they're fantastic!


  12. love all of them.
    the most eyecatching ones are of course the MCQ, the pair with flowers inside the transparent soles
    and the last one, horselike pair
    great post love !

  13. I love it, the last ones look so cool.
    Do you collect shoes like this :), cause if you did, I'd understand you keeping them in your closet!
    great blog,

  14. For the museum that’s for sure. I think I could meet the devil in these shoes coz I would fall to my death. I’ve seen similar pictures of such shoes on some website before and I thought they were really cool,, just not wearable.

    LoLz... I do know of friends who buy designer shoes for thousands just to keep and admire them at home.

  15. Great dear...
    those McQueen should be for museum too! I saw once Dr. Martens made by artists, that was the best thing I ever saw... Really inspiring

  16. the hoof heels are outrageous! love all the shoes. I always overwear my favorites and destroy the heel but I figure might as well enjoy them!


  17. gorgeous! love the flowers and the fish haha

  18. Oh my goodness Crazy. These shoes are definitely on the creative side.

    Write it in lipstick

  19. Gahhhh!!! These shoes are SO FREAKING FABULOUS! And how cute and creative. :) Sigh. I love shoes too. And omg if you seriously open up a shoe museum, I will be the first person in line to go! ;) xoxo

  20. I'm obsessed with all of these! Have you heard of the book, simply named "Shoes" it includes these and hundreds of others, so fab!

    Check out my blog for amaaaaze giveaways today!

  21. I STILL Need the rainbow flatforms!

    Love Grace.

  22. Thanks for all your comments my dears!

  23. These shoes are freaking fabulous! I love the creativity! My favorite are definitely those fish ones... so cute! Thanks for sharing, I'm definitely inspired :)

    VPV Intern

  24. OMG..These are really fab shoes.. My favorites are the second and third. Definitely wearable. I have a thing for shoes too. thanks for sharing these pictures.. :)

  25. Wow, they're so fun!


  26. I found some of them very funny...I love shoes I don't know why but I rather see shoes than see clothes.
    Thanks for your comment I follow u now.

  27. These would definitely have to be in the museum for me, haha, but I love wearing any heel really, just as long as they're different!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  28. Those McQueens will be remembered throughout history!

  29. those shoes are definitely arts!
    the designer must be brilliant, but some of them kindda odd.. like the fish one, hehe..

  30. INSANE. Killer to look at but I could never rock them!
    xo Josie

  31. the first one is crazyyy absurd!!! It's nice and all! but how can you walk on that? I pity the model! definitely for museum, that pair! but the rest in this entry, i think are wearable ;)

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  33. I love the hoof heels! Theyre spectack! I write my own blog -with shoe leanings- and was searching for some avant garde shoe art and came across your blog :-D
    I've borrowed your fish heel in my post and left a link back to your blog - you can come and check it out if you want. I'm now following you.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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