Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Week I Love...

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Hello and Good Morning!

This week I love... My Betsey Johnson leather bag!

I actually bought this bag a few years ago and it has stayed in amazing condition. It's one of my favorites because of its size, color and details. Look at the stitching!

I think I'll wear it this week with:

Do you have a bag that has lasted throughout the years?


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  1. ohhh the detailing on your betsy johnson bag is gorgeous!

  2. awesome bag!!:)
    new post!

  3. i could really wear this outfit
    really good choice..
    i have now one bag following me year after year (Tara Jarmon) but it's a little bit too little and i continue on searching THE one (it's my bag graal)

  4. Ooh, that bag is fantastic - j'adore the buckle! I have a weatherbeaten looking saddle bag from Target that I have had for quite a bit of time now, and refuse to part with. It is gorg, and looks so perfect for bohemian styles in the summer!! :)

  5. Love the bag - I need one like that!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. the bag is beautiful-- i especially love the buckle! it's the little things. xo

  7. That bag is beautiful! Killer score!

  8. Excellent choice on wearing this bag with these clothes !


  9. Love love love the bag! It's very versatile, I can see why you carry it everywhere :) I have an old, plain black Dooney bag I carry all the time in the snowy, salty, blizzarding upstate NY winter months, because I don't want to get any of my really nice bags ruined. It's been my trusty little sidekick :)

  10. uu nice bag :***
    i love your blog ;))

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  11. You lucky girl! This is exactly the kind of handbag I'm looking for! So jealous!!!!!!!!!

  12. LOVE your bag! Betsey Johnson is one of my FAVORITE designers :) I have this red Dolce & Gabbana bag that has lasted me about 4 years and I love it! I actually just got 2 Betsey bags as presents this week, including a makeup bag! I'm going to do a post on it sometime this week. Thank you for your comment on my blog, your blog is lovely :) stop by again soon! xoxo

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  14. Sadly, my bags generally don't make it too long. Your bag is super cute!

  15. Hi lovely! Came across your blog randomly & am now following on Bloglovin'(I should be your 10th :) ).

    Check out my blog if you get the chance, & follow if you like it!

    x K

  16. I'm so rough with my bag. They only last a year or two. After that the leather wears down. Maybe I should stop buying coach.

    Write it in Lipstick

  17. Beautiful bag! Betsey is so great! x

  18. loving the inspiration!
    i'll be coming back to your blog for sure!
    come visit COSMICaroline and see behind the scenes at the Nashville Anthropologie event!


  19. Amei a bolsa!
    adorei o blog!!!

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