Thursday, December 16, 2010


Best Blogger Tips

This blog had to happen. There are millions of blogs online; millions about fashion, millions about art, and millions about millions of things.I still felt there was a lack. I wanted to tie it all together. This blog is aimed at the twentysomething woman. It will explore issues, interests and the likes for women our age. I want it to evolve into a discussion forum, a networking hub, and more importantly, a place to explore fashion and art from OUR perspective. I'm a twentysomething year old woman. I'm independent, well-traveled and have a deep passion for fashion and art. I'm a graduate student living far from home. I love (and miss!) my family, friends and boyfriend. I love my dog. I've been through hell and back, and I want to relate to you. So enough about me...  I will also remain anonymous (for now) for a variety of reasons.

KIU (Keep it up!), 


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