Friday, December 24, 2010

Glitz and Dazzle on NYE...

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Splurge. Save.

The sparkles, the heels and the champagne glasses clinging... it's fun to go all out on New Year's Eve. It always amazes me however, how much we spend on the "New Year's Eve dress." Do you think it's worth it for one night? Maybe it is!?

Splurge. Save.

Whether you're partying in South Beach or having wine and cheese at home, here are some twentysomething tips:

  1. A metallic cardigan can dress up any outfit... whether it's worn over an all-black ensemble or over a red dress.
  2. Sparkles are awesome for NYE! Slip into a sequined dress with a pair of pumps.
  3. If you're wearing a black dress, dress it up with a beaded or rhinestone headband.
  4. Opting for jeans? I'm all for it! Pair them with a flouncy silver silk camisole and tan platform pumps.
  5. Just remember - if you're wearing sequins or sparkles, please keep your jewelry simple. You want a clean, fun look and not one that resembles a gipsy
What are you all doing for NYE?




  1. Great tips!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

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