Thursday, December 16, 2010

The MAXI Skirt.

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Although I love miniskirts, I see the appeal of the maxi skirt, yet I was not completely sure how to pull it off. But - maxi skirts are all the rage so I had to explore this trend. I think what is most appealing is the fact that they're comfortable and feminine, and can be dressed up or totally casual. Also, I think these are easy to throw on with any (or most!) items in your closet: cropped tops, tank tops, sweaters, t-shirts... you name it! But - one warning - you want to ensure that you don't look like a 'bag lady,' ie. don't pair your maxi with a flouncy top, a pouffy blouse, a sweatshirt or sneakers.

The how-to on wearing this twentysomething trend:

Day: Cropped tank top, hobo bag and maybe even a chunky necklace... voila!
Work: Simple, neutral colors and no loud patterns. I love the cuff as it really polishes the entire look.
Night: Blazer, belt, heels... all black everything!

Tell me what you think and give me some stylin' tips!



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  1. Love the maxi! The gypsy in me is always drawn to them.

  2. definately a fan, you can always rely on the maxi

  3. Those skirts is simply adorable, thanks for sharing. This holiday season I'm looking forward to have some gold charm for good luck.

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