Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stars or Slobs?

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I wanted to have a bit of a discussion, which is not something I have currently done on my blog thus far. I'm sure many of you have heard the current stories circulating about Charlie Sheen and John Galliano.

I'm quite a big fan of the show Two and a Half Men and was disappointed to hear it was on hiatus. It was one of those shows I'd put on in the background as I was cooking or cleaning because it's funny and mindless. For those of you who don't know, the CBS network cancelled Sheen's show and apparently it is due to his behavior. Sheen defended his behavior and said he was never late to filming and never cost the network a penny. I wanted to know your thoughts on the story: Should an actor's personal life and behavior affect his/her day job if they act professionally on set?

Also... feel free to comment on Sheen's show apparel:

John Galliano has also been in the spotlight and unfortunately it isn't for his incredible Dior designs.

For those of you who haven't heard, the famous John Galliano has been fired from fashion house Dior for making anti-semitic racist remarks. Galliano was caught on film declaring his love for Hitler and stating "People like you would be dead. Your forefathers would all be f****** gassed" to a Parisian couple. I was literally shocked when I heard this story, and even more shocked when I realized Natalie Portman was the face of one of Dior's perfume. I think it was a smart move on Dior's part to fire Galliano (he clearly has issues) and I agree with Portman's statement: "I'm deeply shocked and disgusted. I will not be associated with Mr Galliano in any way." What are you thoughts on this event? Do you think Dior reacted appropriately?

Stars or slobs? Definite slobs in my opinion.



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  1. They are definitely slobs, both of them. I am so shocked about Galliano, I can't believe people are acting like this. Dior did the right thing when they fired him. And I don't really know what to say about Charlie Sheen and his behaviour, it is just so immature.

  2. Galliano was out of line and deserved what he got. As far as Sheen is concerned, I may not agree with his lifestyle but if it hasn't affected his work I don't see firing to be necessary. If anything, you would think that his behavior would help ratings.

  3. I think Dior is to be commended for taking a clear and unambiguous stance on Galliano. However, like Sheen, what Galliano said was on his free time and doesn't impact his work so why is it right to fire him but not Sheen (I personally think Charlie Sheen is a wife beater, a whore monger, and a generally pretty disgusting human being)? The simple fact is that no one will tolerate Galliano's bahavior (which was a verbal assault) but we all seem perfectly willing to condone what Sheen does (and he's done more than verbally harass people - Galliano may hate Jews but Charlie Sheen clearly hates women).

    I think the bigger issue is that people should supporting someone as vile as him by watching his show and permitting him to still be employed - I won't ever see another Mel Gibson movie because I don't that jackwad to ever get even a penny of my money and I feel the same way about Sheen (except I think he should probably be in jail because, well, assaulting women is still a crime isn't it?).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Their behavior in both cases is sad and shocking. However, it didn't effect their work though it may have effected sponsors or long term public perceptions of the brands.

  5. These types of situations are always more complicated than they seem. There are cultural, social, economic and legal issues intertwined that make easy judgments hard to make.

    Without getting too deep into it, the nature of the transgression and the reputation of the person play a big role in how society views this. A family-values, Republican legislator who strips off his shirt and appeals on Craiglist for adulterous sex (as happened in NY) is inexcusable because of his hypocrisy. For Charlie Sheen - an actor whose very role mirrors his transgressions - to do the same is forgiveable to many people. Plus, Sheen's production company accepted this behavior from him for a long time, saying "He shows up for work and makes us hundreds of millions of dollars; how can we complain?"

    Both men seem on a self-destructive path. How sad.

  6. To be honest, I know absolutely nothing about Charlie Sheen, so I feel it wouldn't be fair for me to comment on his situation; but Galliano...I could not be more disappointed. :(

  7. I think Galliano is a fact I think he's a loathsome individual. I think Dior was right to fire him and I was happy to hear Portman distance herself from him. I'm a huge believer in free speech, but I think Dior reacted correctly. Just as Galliano was free to say what he said, Dior was free to fire him for showing their brand in a light they disagreed with.

    Sheen I'm not so sure about. I'm with you, I enjoyed his show and often had it on while I was doing other stuff around the house. I can't help but feel like there's a master plan behind all of this. Sadly, we're a society that loves a "train wreck", and I think his latest outbursts are going to land him some sort of show (and likely more lucrative contract) perhaps on cable television. I think this is all going to end badly for him, but in the meantime, there might be a method to his madness.

  8. I'm with Tights Lover...I'm wondering if Sheen is playing us all? Galliano...U-G-H. Inebriated or not, there is no excuse for vile statements like that!

  9. I think it was a very smart move on Dior's part to fire him..they were a prominent fashion power house before his arrival and they will be after his departure. As for charlie Sheen, I think that his show shouldn't have been canceled as he did not let his personal problems affect his work ethic.

    Eternally yours,

  10. I think Charlie Sheen has bigger issues than his tv show and his obvious need for rehab. I mean, the guy has been all over the tv and radio talking about wizards and warlocks...ummm...

    And Galliano I am just completely disgusted and horrified with. I had no idea he was such a cruel and racist person. And yeah, I was even more appalled to learn Natalie was a new spokesperson around the time he uttered such trash. I'm glad Dior fired him. He needed a huge wake up call.

  11. Definitely slobs. I mean I understand people in the spotlight claim that they are not role models, have no claim to perfection...etc. But if you want to keep your job, at least remain professional. I'm sure you'll find another good show to watch. :)

  12. I actually love John Galliano, he's genius in designing , but I had no idea when he did such a racist thing :(. But Dior made the right decision to fire him!

    a little princess

  13. I say slobs for both of them! No doubt about it! It's okay to have a day off but you should manage to get yourself together within a few weeks time! I'm so tired of them both! ha ha sorry, I'm not tired of you:-) Definitely not!

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