About Me.


I'm the twenty-something year old blogger of artfashiontwentysomething.blogspot.com. I'm a Canadian girl living in the United States. I have a bachelor's degree in Media and Communications and I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Communications. I love reading, writing and traveling, and I have a HUGE passion for fashion and art. This blog was created to showcase my thoughts and inspirations, specifically on fashion and art.

Quick Facts:

  • Why are you anonymous? I'm remaining anonymous for now due to privacy reasons, and particularly because of school and work. I'd like my 'blogging life' and personal life to stay separate for the meantime.
  • Where do you shop? Everywhere! I really don't limit myself... I love department stores, discount stores, designer stores and vintage stores! I always try to mixup my outfits from a variety of sources... it kind of goes by whatever catches my eye!
  • How tall are you? I'm 5"6.
  • Who is your favorite designer? Again, I don't limit myself! Currently I'm loving Alexander Wang, ABS, Rachel Roy and Rebecca Minkoff.
  • What is your favorite food? Another tough question... I love Italian food, ice cream and popcorn! Yes, random.
  • What can't you live without? I'm going to be cheesy and say my family, friends, boyfriend and my puppy.
  • What is your favorite vacation spot? I'm very fortunate to be well-traveled so again, I cannot pick a favorite. I'm in LOVE with Thailand, always thinking about Italy, but left my heart in Greece.

Have a question you want me to answer? Just shoot me an e-mail at art.fashion.twentysomething@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!



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